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PCO Costs Drivers Face and How to Reduce Them

11th May 2023
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Are you aware of the PCO costs drivers face and wondering how to reduce them? Did you know that there were 289,400 licensed taxis and PHVs in England in 2023? PCO drivers in London face several challenges, and one of them is the ongoing costs drivers face. Daily expenses can quickly add up, cutting into your hard-earned profits. From insurance to maintenance, fuel, and licensing fees, PCO drivers have a lot to consider before even stepping foot in their PCO car for the day.

At Rapid PCO, we want PCO drivers to know there are ways to reduce these costs and maximize your profits. By following identifiable strategies such as fuel-efficient driving, finding cheaper insurance, and vehicle maintenance, drivers can effectively reduce their ongoing expenses. Our guide should help private hire drivers identify recurring expenses and offer tips on how to manage them.

PCO Costs and How to Reduce Them

PCO drivers in London must identify and reduce excessive spending to manage their recurring daily costs. With fuel costs on the rise, ULEZ expansion, increased competition from ride-hailing and taxi services, and the ongoing cost of living crisis, it has never been more important to reassess your outgoings and take steps to minimize them. Main offenders in the ongoing struggle to reduce PCO costs include:

Fuel Expenses

Electric vehicles (EVs) help reduce fuel costs as they run entirely on electricity, which is significantly cheaper than petrol or diesel. Charging an electric vehicle can be done at home or at public charging stations, which can cost significantly less than a conventional internal combustion engine (ICE) car.

Additionally, electric vehicles offer further long-term reductions in spending with improved energy efficiency and lower maintenance costs. An EV Rapid PCO car hire provides a practical and cost-effective solution for reducing fuel expenses while also being better for the environment.

Vehicle fluids

As a PCO driver, maintaining the appropriate vehicle fluids is essential for the smooth running of your vehicle. Failure to do so can result in costly repairs and potential accidents. Properly maintaining and regularly changing oil, brake and transmission fluids can also improve fuel efficiency and extend the lifespan of your vehicle. This will ultimately reduce long-term PCO costs.

Neglecting fluid upkeep can result in higher fuel consumption, brake replacements, engine damages and other expensive replacements. Rapid PCO Electric vehicles do not require oil, however, meaning you can officially kiss goodbye to routine oil changes for good!

Check out our Car Service Red Flags – Rapid PCO top 10 for further information on the importance of routine fluid maintenance.

Insurance Premiums

Insurance can significantly impact earnings for private hire drivers. Firstly, insurance is a mandatory expense that drivers must factor into their overall PCO costs. Unfortunately, PCO drivers fall into a higher risk category due to the nature of their work, which often involves driving for long hours and working late nights. This means that insurance premiums for PCO drivers tend to be higher than for other professions. Fortunately, Rapid PCO car hire includes insurance as standard. That means one less monthly expense to consider.

Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) and congestion Charges

The ULEZ in London has had a significant impact on PCO drivers. To comply with the new regulations, drivers are required to have a vehicle that meets the minimum emissions standards or pay a daily fee of £12.50 to enter the zone. The ULEZ operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, every day of the year, except December 25th.

PCO drivers need to pay the Congestion Charge if they travel within the zone during charging hours. Designed to cut down on traffic and emissions in central London, the Congestion Charge is £15 if you pay in advance or on the same day. After this, it becomes £17.50 until the third day of your journey. Once this period has passed, you are in danger of being hit with a penalty charge notice of £160, or £80 if you pay it within 14 days.

These additional charges have caused confusion and frustration among private hire drivers. Why not switch to a ULEZ-Compliant Rapid PCO Rental Today? It removes a further PCO cost and ensures you can protect your income and the environment at the same time!

PCO Costs affecting your income? Switch to a Rapid PCO!

At Rapid PCO, our top priority is to ensure that our drivers keep PCO costs to a minimum. We offer a cost-effective PCO car hire package that comes with a flurry of additional benefits, including:

With Rapid PCO car hire, you can relax knowing you’ll be looked after in the unlikely event of vehicle-related issues. Our dedicated team provides you with everything you need for your PCO rental.

Rapid PCO car hire at your fingertips!

Looking for a reliable, cost-effective service for PCO car hire? Look no further than Rapid PCO! Our new app makes the PCO car hire process quick and simple, with same-day pickup, fully comprehensive insurance, and roadside assistance available.

So why wait? Download the Rapid PCO app today and take control of your PCO car hire needs in just a few easy clicks. With Simplicity, Speed, and Service that can’t be beaten, Rapid PCO is the smart choice for all your London private hire needs!

Our onboarding process is straightforward. All you need to do is:

Call 01732 280781 or click to request a no-obligation, hassle-free quotation. Do not let costly car services hold you back. Speak to our Rapid PCO team and find out how you can keep PCO costs low and realise your maximum earning potential today!

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