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Where to find EV Charge Points in London

16th March 2023
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Do you know where to find EV charge points in London as a PCO driver? With electric cars making up almost half of the new sales in the London area, councils are working hard to provide a public network of EV (electric vehicle) charge points. There are now more than 42,000 charge point connectors across the UK in over 15,500 locations. That’s more charge points than petrol stations! With an 85% increase in the number of charge points available since 2019, London is one of the best-supported areas for electric vehicle drivers. With over a third of the country’s total charge points in London alone, there has never been a better time to make the switch to EV.

At Rapid Vehicle Management, we recognise the “current” trend for electronic vehicles. Additionally, we understand how change is not only inevitable but, in some cases, compulsory. That’s why we are proud to offer London PCO drivers a hassle-free EV rental from a company that has helped over 11,000 drivers since 2008. We have a wide range of new vehicle options for 2023 to support your work style and budget. Furthermore, all our cars also come with a dazzling array of cost-effective benefits free of charge.


What is an EV charge point?

Put simply, an EV charge point is a piece of kit that supplies power for electric vehicles. Free public-charge points are usually found at car parks, service stations, and supermarkets. Restrictions may apply, and there is a range of different charge points operated by different suppliers so be sure to find out which ones you can use ahead of time. Luckily, all free EV charge points can be found by using handy apps such as Zap Map. All you need is a smartphone and a charging cable. Other popular EV charge point apps include:

Normally, EV charge points are universal. Electric vehicles make use of a standard UK plug for charging. Therefore, you can charge your EV at any charge point that has a matching plug or socket to your charging cable.


Are there different types of EV charges?

Put simply, yes. There are 3 main types of charge points available to you as a PCO EV driver in the London area. These include:

Slow Charge Points: Slow charge points provide power up to 7kW. If looking for a full charge, these are best used for overnight charging of 6 or more hours. Most EV drivers use a slow charger, and grants are available to help support the installation of home charge units throughout the UK.

If PCO EV London drivers do not have off-street parking, they are able to contact their borough to recommend a spot to place an EV charge point near where they live. This makes convenient EV charging a possibility for drivers who live in apartments too!

Fast Charge Points: These speedy power points provide up to 22kW and can get you to 100% in 3-5 hours or quicker! These high-voltage virtuosos are found in public areas such as car parks, supermarkets, workplaces, and gyms.

Rapid Charge Points: Quick charge points charge an electric vehicle battery in a jaw-dropping 20-30 minutes, making them the fastest method of UK charging. They are very convenient for PCO London drivers constantly on the move and need to maintain peak performance. Transport for London (TfL) has delivered 300 rapid charge points across London. This includes some taxi-dedicated charge points too!


EV PCO Rental has the power to save money!

At Rapid, we understand the challenges faced by PCO drivers. When your vehicle is your livelihood, you want it to be as cost-effective as possible. That’s why we provide multiple built-in PCO benefits to provide savings as well as peace of mind. These include:

Make the switch to an EV PCO rental today! Our onboarding process is simple. All you need to do is:


Call 01732 747 190 or click here to discuss your EV PCO rental today and find out “watt” all the fuss is about!



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